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Here is what you'll need!

Gnome Home Night Light

12 ounces plastic bottle
Multi-purpose glue or fabric glue
2 8.5x11 sheets red polka dot felt
2 8.5x11 sheets white felt
1 8.5x11 sheet orange felt
1 8.5x11 sheet brown felt (preferably the stiffer kind)
1 8.5x11 sheet red felt (preferably the stiffer kind)
1 8.5x11 sheet green felt (preferably the stiffer kind)
1 sheet yellow felt (smaller piece)
1 8.5x11 sheet vellum cardstock or tracing paper
Red pipe cleaners
2 Rubber Bands
Box cutter
Hobby knife
LED string lights

1. Cut off the bumpy bottom part of the plastic bottle with a box cutter.
2. Wrap vellum paper around the top part of the bottle and measure the needed amount to fit, then cut paper and glue to hold. (Use a couple a rubber bands to keep in place.)
3. Wrap a white felt sheet around the bottle and hold felt with tape.
4. Draw a door and windows with a marker.
5. Cut out door and windows with scissors and/or hobby knife.
6. After cutting out the windows and door spaces, glue the remainder of white felt sheet around the bottle and let dry.
7. Use the door cut-out to measure the door (on brown felt) and door frame (on orange felt), then cut out those pieces with scissors.
8. Cut out a door viewer (any shape is fine), with a hobby knife.
9. Cut out a little yellow circle for the doorknob.
10. Use window cut-outs to measure the outline of the window frames on red felt, then cut out those pieces with a hobby knife.
11. Glue door, door frame, doorknob, and window frames onto the bottle (Match which cut-out pieces you used for reference.) and let dry. (Use a couple of rubber bands to keep pieces in place.)
12. Use a red polka dot felt sheet for the roof and wrap it around the top making a cone shape and make sure you leave some room for the roof to hang over. Also, leave space on the top to fit pipe cleaners.
13. Cut the roof if necessary to be cone-shaped.
14. Glue the felt to keep the cone shape.
15. Glue the roof to the top of the bottle and let dry.
16. Take two red pipe cleaners and make spiral shapes and stick the straight ends into the small cone gap on the roof to for whimsical accents.
17. Cut out two little mushrooms with white felt (for the stems) and the red polka dot felt (for the caps) and then glue them onto the side of the gnome home.
18. Cut out green felt base for the home and cut the edges of the green felt and make them zig-zaggy, to create a grass look.
19. Glue the front half of the bottom of the bottle to the grassy felt base and leave the back portion of the bottom of the bottle unglued so that LED string lights can be inserted. Let dry.
20. Insert LED string lights into the gnome home and try to spread evenly.

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