How to Make a Digital Voltmeter using Arduino ─ Hacktuber

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Connections between lcd display and arduino board:
* R1 100kohm Resistor
* R2 10kohm Resistor

- LCD RS pin to digital pin 2
- LCD Enable pin to digital pin 3
- LCD D4 pin to digital pin 4
-LCD D5 pin to digital pin 5
- LCD D6 pin to digital pin 6
- LCD D7 pin to digital pin 7
- LCD R/W pin to ground
- LCD VSS pin to ground
- LCD VCC pin to 5V
- 10K resistor:
- ends to +5V and ground
- wiper to LCD VO pin (pin 3)

Thanks to Razib Shahadat for sharing
Schematic and source code download:

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