This video is full of helpful information on how to cure pains without taking peels. There are a lot of natural ways to cure pain and we share effective ways to cure yourself using acupressure points. The main idea is that acupressure involves manipulation with fingers and thumbs to apply pressure to different points on the body. As it's time to start preparing your body for the summer, you will find 10 best acupressure points for weight loss.
Mudras are gestures during meditation and yoga exercises that have special goals to provide health. There are a lot of mudras that involve different kinds of energy. Mudras are the ways you hold fingers and palm, positions that help the energy to the circuit.
Here are some mudras you need to know:
- Gyan mudra takes you back to your roots and improves concentration and sharpens memory.
- Shuna mudra assists in listening and speaking. Moreover, this gesture improves intuition and purifies emotions
- Dhyana mudra helps you to concentrate and helps to bring you inner peace and tranquility
- Prana mudra is aimed to stimulate the flow of life energy and increases vitality
- Apana mudra is very beneficial for women and helps to ease childbirth and release menstrual pains. Moreover, it stimulates the immune system
- Pushan mudra helps the digestive system to become balanced and fully functioning
- Ushas mudra boosts the energy and awakens creativity
As a bonus, you will find 6 exercises for a flat belly. All these exercises you can do at home and the only thing you will need is a chair.

00:10 Forget about belly bloat
01:45 Clever ways to heal cuts and burns
03:21 Mudras and what they mean
07:19 Best acupressure points to cure a headache
09:06 Acupressure points for weight loss
10:55 Exercises for a flat belly

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