Do you need a new case for your phone? Stop doing everything and you will find a lot of easy tutorials on how to make a cheap phone case. If you are tired of boring phone cases but want to protect your expensive phone, we will show how to keep your cell safe. All the supplies you need are very cheap and you can find them in any craft store Let's start from the tutorial on how to make a stylish phone case with marble print on it. You will need a marker and a bit of alcohol. Watch this video and find the tutorial. One more cool idea is to make a fluffy phone case with googly eyes.
Check out a collection of photo tricks that will help your photos to become more attractive. Besides, it's a way to increase the number of followers. You can improve your boring photos by adding reflections and this trick will take beginner's shots to the whole new level. The secret is very simple, you need a second phone. Hold a second phone on a horizontal plane to the bottom edge of the phone you use to make a photo. One more idea of how to make a cool shot is to use puddles. Puddles are very useful and the reason is that they have reflections. You can capture amazing reflection photos using puddles or you can pour some water.
As a bonus, we share cool phone tips I bet you haven't known before. When you are doing something around the home and it's so hard to type with both hands. Switch your keyboard to thumb mode. Check our tutorial!

00:25 Phone case with marble print
02:09 Phone case for kids
03:26 Hidden iPhone functions
06:59 How to make cool photos

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